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Please find below details of Chris' Tat Shack this tattoo studio is located in the town/city of Axminster in Devon.

Chris' Tat Shack
Regis House
Lyme Street
EX13 5AU

TEL : (01297)34113
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6/12/2012. from Adrian
Chris is a talented artist and has certainly done some nice work on myself. Going back on 11th December to get some more spanking ink. Makes you feel real at home.
5/12/2012. from Clare
Amazing guy with massive talent! Well worth the drive to see him. Bring coffee and cake and leave with a tattoo to be proud of! Can't rate him highly enough!
5/12/2012. from Martin
Genuine bloke Chris is a top artist I travel 1200 miles round trip just for my tats and the wife enjoys having her tats done there aswel probley the best tattooist I know in Europe.
4/2/2011. from mark
mmmm chri;s tat shack. well it should be renamed TWAT SHACK thats tattooist with astounding talent his work is the best ive had yet and i have had this countrys finest old school artists tattoo me THERE IS NO OTHER TO GO TO WELL WORTH THE TRAVELL 100 MILE ROUND TRIP..cheers chris long may you prosper..!!
30/5/2011. from Brendan
Visited Chris to get a very important memorial tattoo and wasn't disappointed. Gave me great advice on where to locate the tattoo and it looks absolutely amazing. I will be back for more tattoos very soon!
30/11/2010. from Jay
A very Professional tattoo artist, who did an amazing job! I would highly recommend him to anyone!
20/7/2011. from Ian
Awesome work, brilliant atmosphere, what more can I say! Defo going back! At last a tattoo artist who isn't dyslexic or autistic , Chris you are a legend!!!!!!!!
2/6/2011. from Liam.S.
Have been to Chris many time's and never regretted any of them! my 1st was was a memorial tattoo for my older brother which was going to be my only one but enjoyed Chris talent so much have been back time and time again and don't intend to stop! well worth traveling to!
2/6/2011. from Ant
A great experience from start to finish, made welcome, the minute i walked in, great coffee, great music, great tattooist thank you so much i will be back
2/5/2011. from Pat
i have 16 tattoos and have been tattood in 3 countries of the world after finding the tat shack i would not go anywhere else
18/7/2015. from Don
Already had a couple of tats when found tat shack. Real friendly bloke me and the mrs have had work done by chris. Rate his work very highly. Hope to get in for more tattoos this july
18/3/2011. from Brendon
thank you for the cover up from that previous idiot who thought he could tattoo in SEATON! Chris, I will be back for more work as soon as! A VERY recommended and friendly TATTOO STUDIO
16/12/2010. from Veronica
Always pleased with the art work a brilliant tattooist and great person can't wait to go back x
16/12/2010. from charlie rees
fantastic work and brilliant friendly atmosphere, will always return for anymore tattoos i want done
16/12/2010. from Dannielle
Walked in to 'Chris Tat Shack' on the off chance of being able to get a tattoo done about 3months ago and now wouldn't go any where else, friendly service great designer, and done some of the best tattoos I have
15/2/2011. from Louise
Very professional studio, absolutely beautiful tattoos by experienced Tattooist Chris, great,design service. A*
14/10/2010. from Aimee
best of the best, i wont go anywhere else x
14/10/2010. from Clare x
He is the best he knows what you want even before you do! He's a great guy, does loads for charities and he's easy on the eye too cant be bad!
14/10/2010. from smurf
always friendly and talks about the tattoo before he does it to make sure you are 100% sure. would not go anywhere else
13/5/2011. from Will
Even if Carlsberg made tattoo artists they'd not be as good as Chris. I'm no expert but I go to him with an idea and he makes it look better than I'd even dreamt would be possible. Amazing ability, great laugh and all round top bloke. I'd never consider going elsewhere.
13/12/2011. from steve winchester
13/12/2011. from Rob
Originally went for a cover up and was massively impressed! Now a sleeve later with more to come! I would not go to anyone else! Would recommend him to anyone! Great atmosphere! An prolific talent!!
1/6/2011. from Anon
Work speaks for itself...

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